For Parents

Your child will LIVE and LOVE science!

Does your middle schooler prefer studying with friends to learning from books?

Does your child use social media to connect with “friends” everywhere?

Does your middle-schooler see science as something you only do in school—and only when you have to?

Can your son or daughter use technology in ways you didn’t even know were possible?

MySciLife® makes learning science personal, social, and fun. Students “live” as a science identity or concept in a safe, online learning community. They learn and interact with peers, both in their class and other classes around the country. Research has shown that social learning builds on things kids love to do, and can spark a new interest in science at a time when many students–particularly girls–may lose interest in science.

MySciLife builds digital citizenship skills such as encouraging positive, meaningful comments, staying safe online, and citing online sources.

MySciLife respects parents’ concerns about online safety. MySciLife maintains complete student anonymity in a safe, teacher-moderated, password-protected environment. Each student’s teacher must approve all posts, and all teachers participate in extensive professional development with other MySciLife teachers before their classes join MySciLife.

Every child must have parent permission to participate in MySciLife. Your child’s work is visible to the public only if you give permission. When your child interacts with peers across the U.S. in MySciLife, he/she is known only by his or her science “identity” name(s), such as Migrating Mallard or Mighty Mitochondria. No one other than your child and his/her teacher can see your child’s real name, school, or location.

Watch the video to learn what some participating students have to say about MySciLife.

MySciLife is available to any middle level science class. Ask your child’s school or science teacher (and next year’s science teacher) to check it out!