Support MySciLife®

Help bring science to life in schools in your area or across the U.S.

The Source for Learning, a non-profit organization, has provided the funding for the creation and continuous improvement of the MySciLife social learning platform, and for the staffing, pilot semesters, and the past four years’ growth. SFL is committed to keeping MySciLife FREE to teachers and students. We rely on support—from schools, communities, and our corporate partners–to help MySciLife grow and reach more students. There are opportunities at the local, regional, and national level.

You can help a number of ways, including becoming a corporate partner, a technology partner, a collaborating scientist, a community partner, or by recommending a teacher.

Ways to support MySciLife:

Recommend a Teacher

If you or your organization knows a talented, creative science teacher who might like to participate in MySciLife, let us know, or encourage him/her to apply to the program.

Become a Corporate Partner

Corporate partners have a unique opportunity to show their support for MySciLife by helping to sponsor the participation and professional development of the outstanding science teacher-ambassadors who lead our effort. Selected from around the country through a rigid application process, these teachers ignite the creative spark for students to discover new worlds of science. SFL can structure corporate partnerships at many different levels, and all sponsors will receive appropriate recognition for their contributions to our efforts.

Become a Technology Partner

MySciLife is only as effective as the connectivity and devices that participating teachers and students use to access the online MySciLife community. SFL invites companies that can help provide or improve that connectivity—either regionally or nationally—to become Technology Partners by providing bandwidth, network infrastructure, or devices for use by participating students.

Become a Collaborating Scientist

If your organization has science professionals who are willing to be part of MySciLife, we would welcome their participation as “real world” information resources for participating teachers and students. Please contact SFL for more information on how Collaborating Scientists can enrich MySciLife for participating teachers and students.

Become a Community Partner

Community partners may be local businesses, service groups, or similar organizations that want to support a local class that is participating in MySciLife. Community partners may provide financial or in-kind support; they will receive recognition in their communities for their contributions to our efforts.


For more information, please contact: or write to:
c/o The Source for Learning
12355 Sunset Valley Drive - Suite 625
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Phone: 703-860-9200