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Teach With MySciLife - Let your students LIVE science

Why Use MySciLife?

MySciLife is an instructional model that uses social learning to improve and personalize the student experience in science. Students are motivated to produce high-quality work as they learn and challenge one another in a creative, collaborative environment. MySciLife provides opportunities for students to practice digital citizenship, critical thinking, and written communication skills—all while using technology they know and enjoy.

MySciLife can supplement any middle school science curriculum. The MySciLife learning environment includes a resource library with materials aligned to Next Generation Science Standards to support you as you teach middle schools science topics. MySciLife is a product of The Source for Learning, a nonprofit educational company with a forty year history of service to educators.

Benefits to Teachers

MySciLife offer teachers a fresh, innovative approach to teaching and learning middle school science. MySciLife teachers post online prompts to stimulate and guide student exchanges in a safe, social learning environment. Teachers have access to a library of resources on curriculum topics typically taught in middle school science, along with design templates, learning checklists, and assessment rubrics.

Online training is convenient, and professional learning opportunities continue throughout your use of MySciLife. Teachers have the option for ongoing interaction with MySciLife staff and other MySciLife teachers, sharing and developing best practices and strategies to make learning with MySciLife effective and exciting for students.

Benefits to Students

Students design and personify science concepts to bring learning alive by using technology popular among middle level students. Within a safe, teacher-moderated, social learning environment, students create and maintain their identities using status updates, interactions, and a full range of digital media—interacting with their peers in a global learning community through social learning posts. These exchanges encourage independent research, help students build connections among science concepts, and provide opportunities to think creatively and hone writing skills.

Professional Development

Teachers using MySciLife have several opportunities for professional development and professional learning—all online:

“Jumpstart” training for MySciLife is an introduction to the platform. It includes a live, one-hour orientation, followed by a series of short, self-paced modules. Teachers who complete the introduction learn the basic use of the platform, including how to access the embedded resource library and other curricular materials. Jumpstart training also includes a short refresher on social learning as a construct.

Monthly Professional Learning Community (PLC) meetings allow teachers using MySciLife to share best practices. Staff along with Mentor teachers—veterans at using the platform—provide strategies and tips that allow teachers to make the most of MySciLife.

Hands-On Webinars –MySciLife teachers will have access to virtual workshops offered through TeachersFirst’s extensive OK2Ask professional learning series. 

About Safety Online

Many schools worry about safety and restrict access to any web-based, social tools. We respect these concerns. MySciLife maintains complete student anonymity in a safe, teacher-moderated, password-protected environment. All students must have parent permission to participate in MySciLife. Although your students interact with peers across the U.S., they are known only by their science “identity” names. No one other than you (the teacher) and the individual student can see their real name, school, or location.

The MySciLife public website shows a student’s work as their MySciLife identity only if that student’s parent gives explicit permission.

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