For Students

Bring science to life--YOUR life!

Do you ever wish you could learn together with kids from other schools?

Do you enjoy playing with technology and being creative? Do you make videos and take pictures with your phone?

Do you wonder about the science behind the things you see when you are outside (or that slime growing in the corners of your shower)?

MySciLife® is a place where you can use your favorite creative tools to connect what you are learning in science class to the real world around you!

In MySciLife, you take on the role of science “identities” like cells or rocks or magnetic forces. You could even “be” a tectonic plate or a severe thunderstorm.

In MySciLife you learn and share together with students at other schools across the U.S.—all in a safe, online community.

Watch the video to hear what kids think about learning with MySciLife. MySciLife is currently for middle level science classes.

Ask your science teacher (and next year’s science teacher) to check it out!