About MySciLife ®

What would it be like to LIVE as a cell?

Would Jupiter respond to a wall post by Copernicus?

Would an ant read an atom's updates?

Would a cancer cell debunk a gene's error?

In MySciLife students LIVE roles as science concepts, and science learning takes on a life of its own!

Schools, teachers, students, and parents, you are ALL invited to learn more about MySciLife and join in!

MySciLife is a safe, teacher-moderated social learning environment. It was a 2010 finalist entry in the MacArthur Foundation/HASTAC Digital Media and Learning Competition.

MySciLife is a project of The Source for Learning, Inc. [SFL], a leading non-profit educational technologies corporation. MyScilife is adapted from the creative platform developed by Mashplant Studio, Inc. under a collaborative relationship with SFL.

The initial pilot of MySciLife is supported by The Source for Learning, Inc. (SFL) and other funds available to SFL. We encourage interested parties to read more about how they can support MySciLife.